SEO for Hotels is Dying

SEO FOR HOTELS IS DYING SEO for hotels is different than SEO for other industries. The difference is in the level of competition online and the design of the search results in Google. You might wonder in what kind of state is SEO for hotels today? Well, SEO for hotels is very competitive, especially in…

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What makes an ideal SEO Agency for a client?

How to find your ideal SEO Agency? 6 min read A recent article from Michael Transon from Search Engine Land has led me to write my take on the subject of what make an ideal SEO agency for a client! Here are 6 strong points that make an ideal SEO agency:  1 seo person should…

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When do you need SEO services?

6 SITUATIONS IN WHICH YOU REALLY NEED SEO  0 INTRODUCTION We could agree that any business needs SEO and some business’s need SEO more than others. The reality is, that not every business has an ongoing SEO service. There are different reasons for that: not being aware of what SEO is and what benefits does…

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How fair is SEO?

HOW FAIR IS SEO?  Google’s premise of rankings and traffic is based mostly on content relevancy and content value on your site.So can you expect to write an amazing piece of content on a certain topic and post it on your NEW website that has a new domain? According to Google representatives yes – you…

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The Fall of Digital Agencies

The Fall of Digital Agencies Anyone in digital that is not concerned for their jobs in the future is crazy or likes to look the other way. Google is constantly progressing in machine learning and implementing that in their Adwords tool for optimising PPC Campaigns. E.g. “Google smart bidding, smart campaigns, smart goals, smart shopping…

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What is ranking potential?

WHAT IS RANKING POTENTIAL? As the name states it is the potential a website has to increase it’s rankings online and get more traffic. Every business and it’s website have a different ranking potential. Sometimes you would have sites that don’t rank well, even though they should. Before we start working on a client, we…

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Exposting the Brand PPC ROI (cpa)

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BRAND PPC ROI (cpa,ROAS) There is a widespread misconception about what the ROI (or cpa) is for a brand PPC Campaign. The same goes for non brand campaign but the ROI is much less distorted than in the case of brand. Digital agencies and many others are actually misinforming clients for…

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