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Their client is a small group of skin and laser clinics in London. We were approached if we could improve their number of appointments. They were using a digital marketing agency as well but were not happy with the results.

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Digital marketing is very important for skin clinics and the beauty industry. It's not just about the looks, but generating great inbound traffic from different channels like Social, Email and stable traffic from Google.

SEO is pretty important for skin clinics because there is a lot of location based searches - searches for "skin clinics" in a city. When people search for a local skin clinic or the best clinic that means you can get your business visible to them with SEO and Google Ads.


SEO is a great long term marketing channel because the traffic is free and often stable if you keep updating the site and SEO tasks.


Organic rankings in Google are probably the most trusted channels by people online. It signals to people that your business has value since it ranks high in the search results. Trust is also an important part of choosing a clinic!


We started with a usual SEO analysis of existing traffic, rankings and past rankings. Technical SEO audit for errors and opportunities for improvement. Backlink analysis and strategy how to get more links.

The main questions to answer are:

  1. Which are the most searched keywords related to our business?
  2. How much do people search these keywords a month?
  3. Which keywords are converting?
  4. How do others get links and how we can get links?
  5. How good is our content? Is the website fast enough?
  6. Are there technical SEO difficulties?

These are some of the questions you should know the answers to. They basically determine your SEO and digital marketing strategy on Google for the clinic.



Keywords Overview

Research using existing data about what people search for the most. Map those keywords with the most relevant pages on the site.

Backlink Audit

See what kind of links the clinic's site have. Check competitor's links and how you can get them too.

Technical SEO Audit

Check site speed scores, duplicate pages, site structure etc for SEO.

Content Audit

Content is very improtant for SEO. You want content that is informative and answers questions and doubts that people who are looking for skin care and beauty treatments have.


By using a data driven approach and smart SEO we focused on the keywords that bring the most conversions. Those are the "skin clinics" searches in the area, treatment searches in the city and less on general blog posts.

The funny thing is that the total organic traffic for the clinics is down compared to last year. But the traffic to the money pages: home, and treatments pages, prices page is up. The main decreases came for the blog posts that rarely convert and rank nationally and globally which is not so relevant for a clinic with one or few locations.

Images: Google search console data for the treatment and for the treatment prices pages:

seo increase


The previous digital marketing agency focused a lot on Google Ads. The majority of the ads budget went to Google ads -about 2/3, and the other third to Meta ads.

Why do Clinics use Google ads? They are basically an extension on SEO - they will get you those important keyword clicks immediately.

There are 2 areas skin clinics use Google ads for marketing:

  1. Targeting the keywords people search for
  2. Visually (video or banner ads) target groups of people that have something in common

Digital marketing is about grouping people that have the intent to purchase services you provide.

That grouping in Google ads is called Audiences (of people). You create your audience of people (like on Facebook/Meta ads) that have previously searched for skin treatments or something else, that were your site visitors, that are in a certain demographic or are visiting your competitor's websites.

There are many options to choose. You have to be creative but most importantly, you have to be analytical to test whether these groups of people convert.


That's why we use Google analytics a lot and measure conversions, bounce rate and other metrics that happen when a person clicks on a certain ad and lands on the clinic's website.

Know your CPA (cost per lead acquisition). You want some kind of a ROI measurement on your ads. Know approx how much a clinic can spend on ads to get one lead. That depends on your service margins. The number is usually between 20 and 60 $. Make sure your ads don't go over that number. That will mean your ads are not profitable.

Keep in mind that not every conversion is trackable in analytics. People will call, come back the next day/week to the clinic's website or Google business listing and call. That is why you need to also look at "assisted conversions" from ads - conversions that happened later.

All in all a clinic manager should know if the client list is going up, down, or staying the same after a month.

Clinics are experiencing significant growth in new inquiries and clients.


The results are exceptional: a 67% increase in new bookings while keeping the same CPA (cost per acquisition). In January we got a quite unique result where we got the same number of bookings, but at a twice lower CPA than last year. That means the company spent 2x less on marketing in January 2023 to get the same amount of bookings as in January 2022.

Of course results vary from clinics, city they are in and amount of clinics the business has.


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