Today every business needs digital marketing. We are simply living in that kind of age. Online competition rises every day with more and more businesses going online and investing in digital marketing and web design.

We are still living in an age where you can find businesses with old website design, poor conversions and old digital marketing optimisation. Because of this, your business can achieve a competitive advantage by investing in high-quality digital marketing service that we provide and at a very reasonable rate.

Check some of our digital marketing services that you get in a single package Designed to grow your conversions!

(Our standard package actually contains more additional ad hoc services depending on the situation)

SEO is always challenging. There is a good chance that SEO optimisation that you did 3 years ago is now outdated and doesn't help you. We do all areas of SEO, a very detailed and high level of SEO!

Paid advertising is getting more and more important. We try to make ads as much segmented as possible. You tell us your goal, what do you want to sell and we will send the message across the web.


Advanced Reporting

We spend a lot of time analysing and interpreting data. We do our best to transparently explain what exactly caused an increase/decrease in your traffic. This information also helps you make better business decisions.

We focus a lot on great user experience on your website. Great user experience means more online conversions and user experience is also a ranking factor in modern SEO.


No worries, we have you covered with our unique "Swich" package - take a look!

Our Skills & Expertise

We have a super team for getting you more direct bookings, sales and visitors. We are located in Galway (Ireland) except Milun who works remotely.

Filip worked on digital marketing for over 30 businesses, most of which are prominent properties in Ireland, UK and Europe.

Matea knows hotel business and sales in and out. She works in one of the most successful hotels for in terms of direct bookings in Ireland.

Milun is an experienced web developer and a reliable source for all technical difficulties that might occur.


Digital Marketing
Data Analysis
Web Development


Our standard package contains both SEO, PPC, Conversion Optimisation, Advanced reporting and more!

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