Irish E-commerce Business Case Study

A traditional company that sells CNC Machinery in Ireland was looking to invest in online marketing as they have never done it before.

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  • We were convinced that the site had a lot of potential to get a very good ROI from SEO. Their products were priced at 800+ EUR and the competition isn't that mature with SEO.


  • Starting off with competitor research, current site's rankings for keywords and general keyword research for Ireland


  • Focus on product categories - category pages are the mosti mportant pages for ecommerce sites. Mapping categories and keywords together so there is minimal overlap or keyword cannibalisation.


  • Mapping categories and keywords together so there is minimal overlap or cannibalization.


  • Adding category URL's structure. The site had an accessories section so sometimes in Shopify you have to add the URL structure to URL's to make them distinctive from other product categories


  • Metadata writing - writing metadata based on keyword research and page mapping


  • Technical & Redirect history check - a redesign was made last year and all URLs were redirected, however, I found out they were mostly redirected to the homepage, not to the most relevant live pages. Sometimes fixing old redirects might be too late, but I made sure google re crawls the old URLs to find the new redirects in place.


  • Site speed optimisation


  • Basic link building



Strategy and vision often differentiates the good form the bad digital marketers. We analysed competitors and Google's landscape of search results in their niche in Ireland. Based on that and their current site and the products they provide we made a strategy what to focus on first.

Technical SEO Audit

The site went through a redesign a year ago. A lot of our success is based on technical SEO and attention to detail that each page is getting the maximum SEO juice it can get.

Content Audit

Ecommerce sites are a lot about product pages, and product category pages. There is still la long way to go with the content on the site as it plays an important role of both informing site visitors and search engines.

SEO Results

seo traffic

PPC / Google Ads

They had a low budget of 500 euros a month. It's their first time doing PPC. Looking for ads that have a lower cost per click but are also effective. We picked Shopping (smart with retargeting and standard for target products only) and Video ads were picked.


  • Shopping campaign & Google merchant center setup & Updating products in the merchant center.
  • Creating a product group for a new Standard Shopping Campaign (a group of products that the client said should sell best)


  • Video ads for awareness - because low PPC budget I wanted to use a campaign that will rise awareness at a low cost. Video ads, and because they have a good video was the first choice.


  • Picking an audience for video ads - the tricky part - the audience was based on what our target audience might have searched in the past


  • Monitoring demographics and behavior metrics for ads - Very happy to see that the video ads had a low bounce rate of 40%. Looking into demographic the people that were seeing the ads corresponded to the company's demographics (age, gender) which shows the targeting is setup right. Not only the targeting was right but the cost per click was very low (as usual for video ads) and brought a lot of consistent site visits.

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