LEO Galway voucher can be used here at Honest Marketing

You can still use the LEO voucher in 2021 to get a new website and digital marketing services to help you get more online visibility.

LEO Galway Vocuher

The LEO Voucher was introduced in 2020 as a post Covid measure to help businesses focus on online trading because of lockdowns.

We had a couple of clients take advantage of the Voucher and have benefited from out services.

Especially those who got 90% of funding (businesses get 50% of 2500 euro free funding now in 2021).

The 2500 euro voucher was spent evenly between SEO, PPC, Social media services. Some clients went with web design + digital marketing. We suggest you contact us and we will give our opinion on how to best distribute the voucher funds!


Get a new website or redesign. Our websites focus on being SEO friendly, fast, functional and represent your brand.


Try to show your site and business more on Google. Target certain keywords that will bring leads/purchases and increase awareness.


We offer social media marketing services and consultations.

We would encourage you to apply for the LEO voucher and the voucher can be used nationwide. We applaudĀ the right effort of LEO Galway to encourage businesses to focus on online marketing.


Read about the LEO voucher on their official site and Contact us here or go to our Homepage.