Hotel Opening during Covid19 Case Study

Our client is a newly opened, independent 4-star hotel with a fine dining restaurant, wellness & pool, and a nutritionist center.

The new hotel opened in February 2020 but got closed in March due to the new Covid19 situation. The hotel reopened in May so this not a typical hotel post-Covid re-opening because it is a completely new hotel with no previous brand awareness.

Services provided:











The Project

The project was fun and challenging because the hotel opened at the start of the COVID19 crisis. It was a bad time, especially with travel and gathering restrictions. A time where a lot of hotels closed down. This was different.

If we can help get guests to a newly opened hotel during the pandemic, then we can achieve almost anything!


The Approach

The first step was to learn what makes the hotel unique, what is their story, what do they offer, what are the brand guidelines etc...

The second thing to do was to learn and research the destination, competition and target customers.

The hotel had a unique theme, philosophy, lifestyle and offering. The destination was a traditional well known destination visited by a majority of domestic tourists.

Our vision was clear: to represent the hotel in the best possible way online to new and existing tourists. To disrupt the traditional hospitality service with the unique, new hotel in the area.


The Process

To do that we provided 1. hotel & marketing consultancy, 2. full digital marketing: Social media (posts, content, influencer marketing), PPC, SEO, Website user experience consulting.

We started by upgrading the website (see below) to increase conversions and present the hotel better.

Social media will be a big focus for us as it's the most engaging channel. Storytelling is very important for us and hotels in 2021.

SEO and PPC are great sources of qualified people. People who are actively looking for hotels on Google! While PPC gives instant traffic, SEO is more focused on long-term rankings.


Hotel Website Consulting

The hotel needed to upgrade their website to represent their branding and services better. A more conversion and mobile first approach were needed since we were getting a lot of visitors on mobile. We used Google Analytics data and visitor tracking to make design recommendations.

As a result, the site is much more conversion focused and has more content that follows the hotel's brand guidelines. The content is descriptive and informative for guests. This is an ongoing process of website, content, and user experience improvement.







Here is a screenshot of some of the top keywords movement after 6 months. There is a Volume (monthly sarch volume for that keyword in Ireland on the right)

We were actually surprised by how good the results were. The hotel is booked up on the weekends during August.

Growth in hotel brand searches this year:
hotel brand search

Here you can see the hotel visitor growth online

source: Google my business insights

greenline - website visits
yellow line - requested directions to the hotel
blue line - phone calls


In Q4 2021 the client had the highest occupancy rate in the region!


Since we have a lot of hotel experience we decided to provide the best service possible.

That's what makes us stand out in serving hotel clients, that we can advise on a broad scale as we can see the whole hotel picture: rates, revenue strategy, sale strategy, finding new segments and markets for the hotel, communication, front desk feedback + digital marketing for hotels.

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