Digital Marketing Courses in Galway

Hire a 1 on 1 or a team training session or courses on digital marketing with Filip! Courses are available in face to face in Galway or over Skype.

There are a lot of digital marketing courses online, but nothing beats real life experience. The best digital marketing people had their mentors and people that worked with them. To be good in digital marketing, like any job you practice and real life experiences.


The digital marketing course is a personalised course if you:
A) want to get a job in digital marketing
B) work in a company but want to start doing digital marketing in house
C) want to learn or upskill in digital marketing

Filip has started as a intern in a digital marketing agency himself so he know what it takes and how to get that first job in digital marketing if that is what you are looking for.


These are some courses/training you can take in digital marketing:


  1. How to make a digital marketing strategy course - This is the most important step in digital marketing and one that makes the biggest difference between an good and a great digital marketing person. Learn which questions to ask, what to learn from clients and how to think broad in digital marketing.
  2. Google Analytics courses - how to use the biggest digital marketing tool. You can get whatever you want from analytics about your website activities, the only problem is knowing how to find that information in Google Analytics 🙂 Learn how to set up custom reports, segment traffic, spot fake traffic etc.
  3. SEO courses - You will get an extensive SEO course. SEO is the most unknown areas of digital marketing and today SEO is much different than what it was 6 years ago. You will learn what is SEO, its history, how to think like an SEO person, what are the best practices, how to make an SEO strategy etc.

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filip silobod

Filip Silobod is an experienced SEO & Digital marketing person. He started his career as an intern in a digital marketing and web design agency in Galway.

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Past Presentations:

"SEO Masterclass"

Filip was a speaker/presenter at the Bank of Ireland, Grand Canal Square on the topic of SEO. One hour interactive presentation.

Link to past event.

filip silobod
seo masterclass

"Web Design, User expeirence and Digital Marketing"

Presentation at Portershed Galway on design, user experience and digital marketing. How can one benefit another.

Link to past event.



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