PPC for Your Business

Every business these days needs some form of PPC advertising. They either can be used for btb or btc businesses.

There are plenty of PPC ad types.

We will briefly highlight each of those ads and what they do:

Search ads are ads that come up in the search results (top 4 positions). We pick a title of the ad, description (message) and where they link to.

Display ads are ads in the form of a photo or banner that display on other websites with your message. They are often use to show to people who previously visited your site with a message (offer)

Shopping ads are ads that come up on top of the search results for e-commerce goods.

Video ads are ads in the form of a video, they are played on Youtube

Gmail ads are ads that show in people's inboxes under Promotion and Social inboxes

Bing (Microsoft) ads are ads that show up on the Bing search engine

Segmentation and picking the right ad type is key as you don't want to waste your budget on people that won't convert. Contact us and lets have a chat about your business and what kind of an ad would be best for your business!

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