How to move forward? Answer is easy - take the first step. Tourism in Galway and Ireland needs a huge support and help. After lockdown measures start to ease down a little and when government issues new rules and decisions about tourism and hospitality, hotels and all other touristic services need to be ready to take that first step. We all need to focus to promote Galway as destination.

"Motive for arrival to Galway shouldn’t be accommodation, it should be destination. Authenticity is the essence of tourism, and we know here we have it plenty. That is something that cannot be copied and that differentiates us from others."

-Hotels in Galway need to unite and instead of selling accommodation, food and their services, we all need to put our hands together and make sure that people around the world know how special Galway is. We need to encourage them to start thinking about Galway when life becomes a wee bit like before. We need to start to #rediscovergalway

-We are here now calling all tourism businesses in Galway to promote Galway as destination. Share stories of our beautiful city with hashtag #rediscovergalway

-Right now we need to unite and create a great model of sustainable tourism and encourage reboot of local economy all together as a community. We all know that we will look at the world as before and post #covid19 and we have to make sure that we create a new touristic paradigm, new sustainable and healthy foundations for #hospitalityaftercovid

It is time to re-brand and to reset.

-We will be sharing our own stories and our own photos of Galway right here and hope a lot of you will join us and help.

galway hospitality reboot
rediscover Galway
rediscover Galway