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SEO (Google,Bing) is challenging. You need an expert in this field. We worked on over 30  SEO clients in the past. At Honest Marketing we do modern SEO, which is a holistic approach to SEO as everything is connected to SEO today.


Paid advertising is getting more and more important. We try to make ads as much segmented as possible. Google is gathering more and more information about users so it's easier than ever to target people. Make sure to check our PPC ROI myth post!

social media marketing

We provide Instagram and Facebook marketing and consultation for your business.


Another thing that differentiates us from others is that we spend a lot of time analysing and interpreting data & trends regarding your business. Data segmentation is key. This information also helps you make better business decisions.

User experience is getting more and more attention and it should be the cornerstone of modern digital marketing. The attention span of a site visitor is rapidly decreasing and there is an ever increasing competition online. Better UE = more conversions.


We are highly experienced in digital marketing for hotels with over 30 hotel clients in the past. From some of the top hotels in world to 3 star local hotels we know what it takes for perfect online hotel presence.

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We have a specialised and very passionate hotel revenue manager aboard - Matea. She worked a long time in the hotel industry and revenue management from Starwood to a famous Irish hotel group.


We have an very experienced web developer - Milun who has more than 15 years of experience. A software system engineer and web developer.

Digital marketing strategy

- is understanding where we are heading, what we want to achieve and how to get there. Teeing it all together - our unique model allows you to have all these services in the same package so we can focus on getting you the sales you want without having to pay extra for an additional service!

There are also many other things that come in between, like improving your referral channels, tacking btb leads, many new ideas, email marketing, social media suggestions etc. We are not limited in what we can do for you because we really care about your success. And why should you charge a client extra for a service they would need, if you want the best for them?

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