Social Media Service

Constantly posting on social media takes way too much time and energy, right?

We hear you. You're busy and want to spend most of the time working on other things. When you sit down to create the posts you're just not that creative and don't know what works.

We get it, it's annoying. You know that your competition is posting way more and getting a lot more business because of it.

The good news is that you've found your secret weapon - Honest Marketing:)! 

Whether you have a business in Galway or somewhere else, social media marketing helps you to connect and be present in the online community. An online community is a group where your target audience is present.

Many businesses in Galway or elsewhere have their Instagram / Facebook accounts and are very well connected to each other. Instagram is a lot about building a community and interacting with them.

  • Social Media Management

    Being the owner of a business is already enough work. Let me take care of your social media pages! You get to spend more time in your business while an expert attracts new customers for you. 

    How it works:

    1. We jump on a free discovery call & discuss your needs, goals & resources.
    2. During the call, we discuss the different packages & which one would fit best for your business. If none of them fit, we can discuss a customized option as well.
    3. After the call, I send you a price proposal (as discussed during the call) & you decide if you want to engage my services.
    4. We sign an agreement & I start managing your pages after an initial strategy session.
  • Social Media Coaching

    We know it can be hard to give your social media pages to someone else. So, why not learn how to manage them yourself more effectively from an expert instead?

    How it works:

    1. You book a 60 minutes intensive session via my calendar for whenever it suits you best.
    2. We jump on a Zoom call & discuss whatever you need help with: content creation, time management, Instagram tips and tricks, strategy questions.
    3. After the call, I send you a report of our session with actionable tips that you can implement immediately. 

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