social media marketing for hotels

Social Media Strategy for Hotels

We are offering a specialized Social Media Marketing for hotels.

With over a decade of experience working in various hotels and hotel departments, Matea learned the best approach to tell a story of the hotel - and present it wisely to your audience through Social Media channels.

Storytelling should be a big part of your hotel. It gives your brand a much stronger presence and a lot of credibility online.



Whether done-for-you or done with you, our process and strategy have been designed with ROI (and your precious time!) in mind.

  • With a strong eye for detail, hospitality passion, and knowledge, we provide the best social media and storytelling strategy that can amplify your hotel brand.


  • We want to bring your customers closer to you on an emotional level - which is very important today in this digital world.


  • We believe in a sustainable approach. We want to build this strategy for you that will last for a long time and will bring you more brand awareness and of course, more RESERVATIONS.

What we offer:

Social Media Management

Dedicated Social Media Manager who will run your Instagram and Facebook profiles and schedule your posts in advance. We will manage your social media accounts from the ground up: strategy, content creation, account management, and more. This package is designed for hotels that require a stand-out social media presence that sells for them.

Creating a unique storytelling strategy for your brand

We are sure there are a lot of stories, legends, adventures that happened in your property - there are always some interesting and amazing details that can be found in hotels, and it is time that we put them in writing for you. We want your audience to get to know your property, your services, and your amenities through a unique storytelling strategy.

Quality photography of your property

We are collaborating with an amazing and artistic photographer that can make unique photography of your property. Together we can create a strategy for creative and artistic photographs that will shine a new light to your hotel (this service is optional).

Professional design of your social media posts and stories

We will create and guide you on how to create a professional and visually attractive post and cohesive feed for your Instagram channel so it depicts your brand in its full potential.

1:1 Consulting Services


Our consultation service will leave you set up for success!

" Matea is one of the most professional people I worked with. She did wonders with our social media presence and helped us increase awareness and bookings during Covid 19 pandemics. Her experience in the hotel industry is a huge advantage as she knows how hotels operate and what are the key things to focus on."

Pegaz Holiday Resort

Get in touch with us if your hotel needs that little extra. Something that will differentiate you from all the others.

Let us create your story together.

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