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User Experience (UX) Optimisation means to analyse your site and ensure that people browsing it have no problems or obstacles. That they get what they are looking for while reading your specific tailored content.

UX & Conversion optimisation is a particular skill that can differentiate average from great digital marketeers. Businesses often make a mistake by focusing on growing traffic to the site, while they should have someone focus on what is displayed on the site, what is the customer's journey when they arrive on the site. Is your message displayed to them at the right place at the right time?

Great user experience means more conversions and not focusing on user experience optimisation might lead you to a lot of missed conversions that would happen if you simply changed something on your site. There is almost no website out there that doesn't need some UX optimisation.

How do we do it?

We combine a few powerful tools to analyse user behaviour on the site


Heatmaps are screenshots of your web pages that show where on the page have people clicked the most.


Video Recordings

We look at video recordings of site visitors by landing page and other segments to get the best view of what they are looking for and what is obstructing their browsing.


Google Analtics Data

We spend a lot of time analysing and interpreting data. We do our best to transparently explain what exactly caused an increase/decrease in traffic. This information also helps you make better business decisions.


User Experience Testing

A simple before and after or "A/B testing" so see which layout converted more.

Example of post site redesign project we did in Feb 2022:

site redesign post stats

What else is included in our service?


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