What makes us so Different?

What makes us different?

So many agencies say they are different, but lack concrete evidence to show that.

Our whole philosophy, which you see here and on our Instagram was made by Filip, who worked in and with a couple of digital marketing agencies before.

He wanted to breathe new life into digital marketing and here it is:

1. No Upselling & No limits

Most of our rivals have sales targets and one of the ways to get extra sales is by upselling more services. Here we don’t do that. You get one digital marketing service that covers a lot of ground. That denies us form upselling and the need to keep you on an additional service if it doesn’t perform well. E.g. our PPC service is free.

If you have a digital marketing provider check your contract how many hours your account gets every month. It’s usually a one digit or up to 15 hours number. Here we don’t look at the clock and we are quite generous with our time.

2. No Account Managers

The job description of an account manager is to keep clients happy by communicating with them. That is nice, but it’s a sales technique and the main problem is that the actual marketing/design work on a client’s site is done by someone else. Often times an account manager knows more about the client than the person working on their site. At Honest Marketing you speak to the person who actually does the work.

3. We love our clients

As we are a small team so we are very grateful to client we have. You won’t be 1 out of a 100 similar clients. We believe that in order to do great work, you have to bond with the client and actually want the client to do well, more than you want yourself to do well.

4. No Outsourcing

Some people get a new client and then outsource the service to a cheaper provider and make money on the price difference. Here we don’t do that, what and who you see is what you get : )

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