As with everything else we want our pricing & service to be unique, CUSTOM MADE and fit the honest and transparent approach.

We have a unique way of offering all services under one package, so there is no need for us to sell you more.

We don't want to restrict your success if you won't pay for more services.

For example, most agencies or people out there would charge an extra cost for a PPC campaign, a setup cost and then a monthly cost for maintenance (from 200 EUR+). That also puts pressure on those guys to keep their services running, as it brings extra money.


Here we don't do that, so we have the luxury to shut down or decrease activity on a campaign/service that isn't performing.

Every business is different and some would get more form SEO, other from PPC or Social.

We strongly believe that the affordable, fair prices combined with a top tier digital marketing service and the transparent & friendly business model make Honest Marketing the best option for anyone. Combining max transparency with amazing service is the way to go in 2021!

Prices start from 300EUR/month up to 1300EUR/month. (3-4 month trial)

(Our pricing is based on hours, the size of the business, the size of a website, the number of current errors and more.)

Our Services:

Digital Marketing Package

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Website Analytics

Additional Services

  • Hotel Consulting (+sales, revenue m, book direct)
  • Website Development (new website, updating current one, adding new features, hosting)
  • Social Media Marketing (Instagram and Facebook)

What to do now?

Contact us and lets have a chat!

Talk to us about your business goals, struggles etc.

Create a digital strategy

We will create a digital strategy in line with your business goals.

Have a 3-4 month trial

Work with us for 3 months and lets evaluate how happy you are!

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