a boutique digital marketing agency with a twist of honesty

Who we are


We are a boutique digital marketing agency in Galway, Ireland made up of highly experienced professionals. We provide digital services for any type of business aimed to increase their online visibility & revenue. 


We do that with a mix of SEO, PPC or Social Media Marketing services. We also offer website design or website redesigns to get you more online conversions. One of our main beliefs is that every website & business is different. That is why we work on finding the best online channels and marketing strategies that will bring the most results for you.


We are a small agency, so one of the benefits is that you will work directly with the person in digital marketing and not through someone else like in larger digital marketing agencies. Our motto is to bring great results at a fair price.






We keep it simple and efficient, our communication is professional yet personal. Learn who we are and what is our background on our -About us page-

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Digital marketing consists of a couple of different channels. For example SEO, PPC or Social Media Marketing, Email marketing.


We do digital marketing for different clients in Ireland or around the world. Most of them are actually based in Ireland.


Digital marketing is trackable to some extent, so analysing website visitors, their activities, whether they leave the site, stay, convert is a must for us.


We are a "boutique" digital marketing agency - our team is small but very experienced and results focused.  




What are you looking for?

We serve clients from different industries and they all have different issues. They do have one thing in common though: they want more leads/sales coming from digital marketing.


Here are some examples of what companies are looking for from us:

*Looking to invest in digital marketing, but not sure where

*Opening a new business

*Having decreases in our leads/sales

*Looking to outsource digital marketing to experts

*Looking for SEO experts

*Looking for a new digital marketing agency

*Need someone to make sense of our site's customer journey

*Need a website redesign

*Looking for a digital marketing service with better communication

"Companies who adopt data-driven marketing are more likely to have an advantage over the competition and increase profitability.

In fact, they are six times more likely to be profitable year-over-year." Forbes