Hire a SEO Consultant in Ireland

Read our article on what do expect when looking to hire a SEO consultant in Ireland (or anywhere else)

Who is a SEO consultant?

A SEO consultant is a SEO specialist that consults a client on what to do to increase their traffic and conversions by ranking better in Google search results.

He or She starts by researching the client's website, business niche, competitors to make a SEO strategy. Then consults on what has to be done to achieve your agreed SEO goal.

A SEO consultant has to work with:


Consult for site speed improvements, resolving technical issues on the site, creating new pages and providing better website user experience


PR goes hand in hand with SEO. Online mentions, links to client's site are one of the strongest SEO ranking factors. E.g. SEO consultant advices where to publish an article about the site


Advising content writers what to write about. Provide a list of keywords for a new article or to improve existing content on the site.


Managers want to know how is SEO progressing and what needs to be done internally to help get better SEO results. They also look at results and a SEO consultant has to explain to them how SEO works.

Prices for a SEO Consultant/consultantion in Ireland

There is a big difference in prices for SEO consultants in Ireland. Pricing can be hourly: from 25 euro to 120 euro per hour. There are different reasons why is there a big difference in pricing between consultants.

Those who have more experience and have more well paying clients, will charge more. Also more complex websites and SEO tasks should charge more than simple SEO improvements.

Clients that have high product/service margins can pay more that a small local shop. Some consultants would want to be paid by project or monthly.

The bottom line about picking pricing should be based on long term ROI. What kind of return do you expect from SEO?

A SEO consultant has to have a lot of experience in SEO because their advice has to be based on:

Client's goals

What does the client want to achieve by ranking better? What are they looking in a SEO consultant?

SEO experience

A SEO consultant has to have plenty of experience in what needs to be done to rank websites better.

See the big picture

SEO is made of different activities: "on page", technical SEO, "off page" optimisation, market research, competition research etc. A vision how to position client's website better on Google over competition and achieve client's goals.

SEO strategy

An experienced SEO consultant knows every site and it's potential to rank is different. A consultant has to prioritse what to optimise first and see the big picture!

Why to hire a SEO consultant in Ireland?

There are SEO consultants in every country. A benefit of hiring someone from the same country is that they have an idea of the business landscape in Ireland, the level of SEO (it is common knowledge that USA companies have been investing more and often in digital marketing), but the main thing is that the consultant is fluent in your language.

How to find a SEO consultant in Ireland?

You can try Upwork (link) a freelance site that provides a cool overview of people's experience and pricing. Or you can try linkedin or Google search. Or you can speak to our SEO consultant, he charges 45 euro per hour on average.