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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an ever-changing industry. If you had SEO optimisation done on your site 4 years ago, there is a good chance that those techniques are outdated today. SEO is always evolving and becoming more sophisticated.


At Honest Marketing we offer the best SEO service you can get with 6 years of pure SEO experience. You will be working with an SEO specialist and like in every job, there is a big difference between a specialist and a non-specialist in a field.


We do all types of SEO (on page SEO, technical SEO, off page, local, link building, modern SEO).

Whether you have an e-commerce site, small or large business, SEO rules are the same and we have the experience in doing SEO for various types of business.

Our goal in SEO is to increase your online sales and brand awareness by bringing your target audience to your website.


As explained in Google's 2020 official "how to hire an SEO" video below, long gone are the days when you could easily manipulate Google's algorithm to get top positions. The truth is, Google's goal is to mimic reality (the offline world) and Google is getting closer and closer to achieve this.


Because of SEO we can still increase rankings and outrank your competitor's brand if they didn't invest in SEO or have a low level SEO.


An experienced SEO looks at the big picture. How can SEO help you achieve your goals, what to prioritise and make a strategy.

SEO in 2022



 If you have a local business, you want to prioritse ranking in your location. That means ranking better when people search for "service/product in (your town)". If your brand is strong enough you can rank nationally.


Sometimes clients come to us thinking their brand should be ranking better. Then we take a good look at it and see what their "ranking potential" is. Every company has a different SEO ranking potential based on many factors that we analyse.

Find out what is yours by contacting us! As with everything else, we do honest SEO where we tell you the reality of your SEO situation.


Example: SEO Galway vs SEO London

If you have a business in a smaller town like Galway, SEO will have to be done differently than if you are based in London. Here are the 2 main reasons:

1. Much less people live in Galway – this means there are fewer people doing searches in Galway. You won't find nearly as many searches for keywords in Galway as you would in London. In London there are more searches for „x service/product in x area“, „service near me“, “x service on x street“ and a lot of searches for variations of a product.

2. There is much less competition in Galway, giving us an opportunity to rank well for main SEO keywords unlike London, where small businesses have to focus only on the areas they are in and niche keywords.

Who will be working with on your SEO?

hotel marketing expert


Filip is the founder of Honest Marketing and an SEO Specialist. He has years of experience working in and with the top digital marketing agencies in Ireland for the past 6 years. He has worked on SEO for more than 30 clients.

One of the best SEO achievements was increasing organic traffic by 90% year on year for a rental client purely based on targeted keywords. His past experiences led him to create Honest Marketing, a digital marketing service with a lot of focus on high quality and transparency.


You can listen to a podcast about SEO and Honest Marketing with Filip (November 2022) on the link below:

You can also listen to a radio podcast about SEO with Filip on Dublin City FM (March 2021) on the link below:


"Filip is a life-saver. We had urgent SEO related work needed for our website and Filip did the job swiftly and with complete dedication, despite technical difficulties throwing him some hurdles. He did not give up and got the job done with the utmost professionalism. He did such a good job that we immediately gave him more work to do. Will definitely hire him again in future."

Liezel Norval-Kruger, owner @ Eatsplorer

"Filip assisted us to fix technical SEO issues throughout our site which allowed us to increase traffic and sales. He was knowledgeable on technical SEO elements and easy to communicate with."

Jayde Cox, Marketing Manager @ Sail Croatia

"Filip helped with the hotel website and when we provided him with the relevant content he was expert at getting hotel highly placed on Google for key terms & events. I would recommend Filip to anyone looking for an SEO specialist."

David Glynn, Marketing communications @ Radisson Galway

"Filip provided a fantastic service for my SEO needs and i would highly recommend his services. Very professional, honest and everything provided on time. Filip's knowledge on SEO was outstanding and we are seeing gains from this. I will definitely be using his services in the future"

"Carl Morris, owner @ Land and Aerial Surveys Ireland


"I have hired Filip Silobod from Honest Marketing to deliver a presentation about SEO for SMEs at a business networking event at Bank of Ireland Grand Canal Square start-up hub in Dublin. He gave a comprehensive and interesting talk with lots of details to the audience's delight."

Emeline Jonet, Administrative assistant @Laregion


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