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SEO is an ever changing industry. If you had SEO optimisation done on your site 3-4 years ago, there is a good chance that those techniques are outdated today. SEO for businesses is evolving.

At Honest Marketing we offer the best SEO service you can get.

We are physically based in Galway but a lot our clients are in different counties. If you have a business in Galway then a priority is set to improve your rankings in Galway and if the brand and SEO grows we can possibly look to rank for "Ireland" (whole) searches. We do all types of SEO (on page SEO, off page, local, linkbuilding, modern SEO).

Weather you have an e-commerce site, small or large business, SEO rules are the same and we have the experience in doing SEO for various types of business.

Long gone are the days when you could easily manipulate Google's algorithm to get top positions even though you have a new product/service on the market or if you don't have a well known brand. The truth is, Google's goal is to mimic reality (the offline world) and it is getting closer in achieving this.

For an example, a well known brand will by default outrank a less known brand for the majority of keywords. Because of SEO optimisation we can still increase rankings and outrank your competitors brand if they didn't invest in SEO.

Sometimes clients come to us thinking their brand should be ranking better. Then we take a good look at it and see what their "ranking potential" is. Every business has a different SEO ranking potential based on many factor that we analyse. Find out what is yours by contacting us! As with everything else, we do honest SEO where we tell you the reality of your SEO situation. 🙂

Who will be working with on your SEO?

seo specialis in galway

Filip Silobod

Filip is the founder of Honest Marketing. He has years of experience working in and with the top digital marketing agencies in Ireland. He has worked on SEO for more than 30 clients. Best SEO achievement was increasing organic traffic by 90% year on year for a rental client purely based on targeted keywords. His past experiences led him to create Honest Marketing in Galway, a new age service with a lot of focus on high quality and transparency at an affordable price.


SEO Galway vs SEO London

If you have a business in Galway, SEO will have to be done differently than if you are based in London. Here are the 2 main reasons:

1. Much less people live in Galway – this means there are less people doing searches in Galway. You won't find nearly as many searches for variations of a relevant keyword in Galway as you would in London. E.g. in London there is more searches for „x service in x area“, „service near me“,“x service on x street“ and a lot of searches for variations of a product e.g. baths with lights and radio, while in Galway there will be searches for baths and maybe just a few for baths with lights.

2. There is much less competition in Galway, giving us an opportunity to rank well for main SEO keywords unlike London, where small business have to focus only on areas they are in and look for niche keywords.

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