Welcome to Honest Marketing

Honest Marketing is a new digital marketing service. Founded by Filip Silobod in 2019 in Galway, Ireland after working in and with digital marketing agencies in Ireland. It's a new digital marketing service that is more transparent and honest to its clients. Filip took what he thought was lacking in other agencies and created Honest Marketing. It's a top-tier, but boutique digital marketing agency in terms of performance and attention to detail, but with a more honest and a more fair approach to its client. Even though we have an amazing hospitality experience, we also offer services to any other types of businesses. Check the site, get to know us, and contact us about your goals.

Our team

Filip Silobod
Filip is the founder of Honest Marketing. He has years of experience working in and with digital marketing agencies in Ireland. For most of his career, Filip has been an SEO specialist and has expanded his skill into Google Ads and Google Analytics as well. His past experience working in agencies led him to create Honest Marketing, a new service with a lot of focus on top quality and transparency.

Matea Sragalj
 Hotels and social media professional
Matea is one of the most passionate hotel professionals out there working her way up from housekeeping to Sales & Marketing positions. She worked with high-luxury hotel brands like Kempinski, Starwood, and Marriott.
She is an expert in hotel consultancy and social media marketing.

Milun Kukalj
Web developer/designer
Milun is an IT professional with years of experience. He entered the world of computer science since he was 7 and built his own CRM system. He is involved with everything IT and website build wise. His vast IT knowledge helps us with anything IT wise and technical SEO consultation. Milun specializes in web development and hosting services. In his spare time, Milun does B&W photography and spends time with his family.
Sean O'Fearraigh
Digital marketing
Sean is currently undertaking a Digital Marketing MSc in NUIG after completing a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Tourism. He is passionate about digital marketing and the hospitality industry. He has vast experience working in a range of hotels and restaurants and brings with him a deep understanding of the industry.