PPC for Hotels

PPC for Hotels

PPC is getting more and more used for hotels and it will continue to be so. One of the reasons is that more and more people are browsing on their phones and the space of the SERP (search engine results) is much smaller on the phones. As a result, it takes more time and effort for a person to scroll down to see more search results. Naturally, PPC ads are on the top and are the easiest thing to click on. That is a reason you will see a decrease in organic traffic and more going to the paid ads.

The 3 principles we focus on with PPC ads for Hotels are creativity, segmentation, and personalization. Google has allowed us more information about our potential guests than ever. An especially great piece of information is the ability to target a piece of the wealthy users in the USA. That works well for luxury hotels so we increase our PPC spend on that segment, as it brings in most bookings.

Hotels usually have wedding venues, restaurants, spas, etc. 
We would encourage display ads for those facilities.


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Some of the most common PPC ads we use for hotels.

1. Search PPC Ads - ads that display when someone searches for a keyword on Google or Bing   
2. Display PPC Ads - banner-like ads showing on other websites to a certain segment we choose.      
3. YouTube PPC Ads - video ads showing on YouTube.

As mentioned before, segmentation is key. The idea is not to show the same ads to everyone.

Most hotels use Brand PPC ads - showing up for their own name to show above (or often) between OTA's ads for your brand. The problem with brand ads is that no one is questioning them anymore, and in Honest Marketing we question and double-check, doubt things. Filip has come up with a unique Brand PPC ROI (CPA) calculation that is realistic and lower than Everyone uses and shows the ROI or ROAS to the clients. Read here about the Brand 

PPC ROI Myth that everyone else but there is promoting and misleading the clients!


If you are a hotelier, you must read this.