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The hotel industry has been hit hard by the Covid19 pandemic and there are still many challenges ahead as hotels reopen.
Hiring a hotel consultant can really give you that extra edge you need against your competitors. Consultants are able to give you a fresh perspective on what makes your hotel tick and offer innovative strategies to help you grow.
As the tourist market changes daily, it is important to adapt and change your strategies.
One of the best solutions for you then would be to hire a hotel consultant.
Although the costs can seem high, hotel consultants don't need to be permanent and can lead to big improvements in a relatively short amount of time. 

Here are some benefits of hiring our hotel consultant : 

  • 1. Capturing customers: Our hotel consultantwill be in charge of implementing different strategies that will help you to capture and retain guests.

  •  2. Increased profitability: For decades now, a common business plan in hotel revenue includes your inventory to be sold through Online Travel Agents. We are here to show you how to shift your bookings from OTAs to getting guests booking directly with the hotel. So, instead of paying commission from 15% to 25% even 30% in Ireland, you should incentivise your guests to book directly over the phone, email or an official website where the cost of a booking is only 5-7%. That way, hotels not only save on commission, but get a more direct and personal relationship with guests. 

  • 3. Positioning the brand on Social Media and online: Social Media Marketing strategy for hotels is an important resource that will help the world learn more about your hotel. It's the only channel that allows you to be creative and use storytelling to really show the feel of being in your hotel. Given the importance of this channel, the hotel consultant will have the appropriate knowledge needed to extend your brand throughout the network. Also, an important note: creating hotel social media posts and digital marketing take time. They need to be strategically planned. 

The truth is that the hotel sector is evolving at a very progressive rate, and it is very possible that your competition has overtaken you. Guests have changed after covid. Knowing how to go one step ahead will help you attract customers and strengthen the business.

Our Hotel Consultant

If you want to shift your guests to book directly and save you on commission contact us and we will guide you through the whole process.

Year after year, revenue management is becoming more important cornerstone of running successful and profitable hotel.

Revenue management refers to the strategic distribution and pricing tactics you use to sell your property’s inventory to the right guests at the right time, to boost revenue growth.

We always measure hotel revenue management by different segments and what are they willing to pay. The only way this is done is by monitoring supply and demand of your hotel rooms. Having fluid hotel prices - prices that change day by day is a great strategy for a hotel.

Our hotel consultant will be in tune with the latest changes, so you can adapt to the market to achieve the best results.

Matea Sragalj

Matea started in hospitality very early, in high school. Working her way up from housekeeping to Sales Manager position. She worked with high luxury hotel brands like Kempinski, Starwood and Marriott and a prominent Irish hospitality group for 3 luxury Galway (Ireland) properties. 
She is an expert in revenue management with an extensive knowledge of the travel market and experience in book direct campaigns. Reducing OTAs and driving direct bookings are on the top of her TO DO list. She will be collaborating with us on projects in hospitality.

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