How to know if your traffic is converting?

How to know if your traffic is converting?

Is your PPC or Organic traffic getting the right people to the site? That's the big question everyone is asking, and should be asking all the time.

How to know this? Here are the 2 basic ways:

1. Are you seeing conversions from this channel/ads?

 Looking in Google Analytics are there conversions coming from these channels/campaigns?
2.  Ask the client if they are noticing a change?

Google Analytics can track a lot of things, but not everything. For an example, people who call, or send emails offline after visiting the site. If you run a new campaign or increase organic traffic ask the client if they are noticing more leads.

3 advanced ways to know if your traffic is converting:

1. Track assisted conversions from ads-campaigns or organic traffic to a page.

This is possible in Google Analytics under Assisted conversion reporting. In real life, people browse different sites, compare prices, and services and then after a few days/weeks/months decide to buy or contact the site. 
This is where assisted conversion help you discover if conversion happened later. Just because you are not seeing direct conversions (default) in Google Analytics doesn't mean that the site visitors don't convert later.
2. Demographics matching people who usually convert

Website Demographics is an underrated reporting segment in Analytics or Ads. If you run for an example Brand ads, check the demographic that is converting the most - which demographics (Age, gender, household income) has the highest conversion rate. 
Then compare these demographics with the demographics you are getting from your new campaign or organic landing pages. If they match then you are likely to be hitting the target audience.
3. Bounce rate/ page per session comparison

ounce rate can be a tricky thing to measure if you don't have a lot of experience with it. Why? Because it depends a lot on the landing page and keyword.
Try to compare the bounce rate with the bounce rate of a similar page that is already converting. If you are testing a similar page then having a similar bounce rate means you are targeting the right people. Feel free to add some 10/15% bounce rate more as acceptable from ads. For example, if you have a converting landing page at 45% bounce rate, having 55%-60% on your new page is still ok.
Of course, the goal is to get the lowest bounce rate possible and that is 20-40% depending on the campaign or page type, or keyword. For display ads 50% is great.
Targeting the right people can be very hard to know. Especially for awareness keywords or display/video ads based on audiences.
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