What is ranking potential? 

What is ranking potential? 

As the name states it is the potential a website has to increase it's rankings online and get more traffic. Every business and it's website have a different ranking potential. Sometimes you would have sites that don't rank well, even though they should. Before we start working on a client, we always asses their ranking potential.

"Ranking potential is determined by your current level of SEO optimisation, the level of competition in Google and search volume for your key phrases"

Determining ranking potential removes overselling. Let me explain: often digital marketing sales people say to potential clients "We will grow your traffic or we will drive your traffic". Some even say they will grow your traffic by an x amount. 

This is so hard to predict and the truth is they need to sell hard to get some clients. We do differently here at Honest Marketing by trying to determine your ranking potential first, before we promise an x amount of growth. 

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SEO's can influence how one site gets more traffic and better positions by educating the business owners how to get better at SEO and optimise the website themselves. SEO's look for new opportunities to get traffic or how to technically optimise your site that helps users. 

Example: an SEO tool/company Ahrefs wanted to rank 1st for an SEO keyword but no matter what they did in SEO they couldn't improve their rankings. They finally got the 1st position when they offered the tool for free and promoted it.